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Jumping Jacksons: The Halloween Carnival


The Jumping Jacksons have found themselves an adventure on Halloween night. The Halloween Carnival has come to town and all is not what it seems when the Goblin Troupe puts their mysterious plan into action.

Can you stop the Goblins and overcome all the puzzles and monsters you'll find in this strange land? I hope so, or else who knows if things will ever go back to normal.

Garden Tree


Garden Tree is a drop & catch game where try to catch falling fruit and avoid falling bugs.


In Percent-Get mode you'll have a pre-set number of fruits that will fall. Test your reflexes as you attempt to get the highest percent possible.


Catch 100 is a mode where you attempt to catch 100 fruits. Gameplay will get progressively harder the closer you get to 100 produce.


In Endless mode, you'll aim to get as many produce as possible before you run out of lives. In this mode, you will be scored on the most produce you were able to collect during the entirety of that run.


Mini-Match is a game based on prediction and strategy. Play as one of four champions and test your skills against those same four champions in a battle. 


You have to deiced which quadrant you want to go on the offensive, store up power, play defensively. 


Each champion has the same basic game play, but their spells are what make them unique in their game play. Some spells can be used for attacking the enemy, some for healing lost health, some for buffing yourself, and for inflicting status ailments. 


Give this game a try today, and please make sure to read the included manual.

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