Welcome to Garden Tree! 


In Garden Tree you'll catch produce that falls from above!


Beware the bugs that may fall in your bucket, they'll spoil your harvest.

Try three different game modes to find your preferred play style. 


  • In Percent Mode you'll have a set number of produce drop and your goal is to catch as many as you can!


  • Catch 100 is exactly what it sounds like, Your goal is to catch 100 produce, but the more you have in your basket the harder it'll be. Do you have what it takes to Catch 100?


  • Endless mode allows you to play until you can't play no more! Catch as many produce as you  can before 3 bugs touch your basket! How high will your score go?

Find your unique outfit today!


  • In the Outfit menu you can customize your character with a variety of skins, baskets and background themes.


  • Some items can be purchased with seeds, some can be earned by completing achievements, and some can be unlocked by completing season passes; more on that in  moment.


  • You can earn seeds by playing different game modes or by visiting the seeds menu, where you can earn or purchase seeds.

Achieve Greatness!


  • In the Achievement menu you can see what achievements You've unlocked and ones You've yet to achieve. 


  • You can press each icon to see what the requirements are and what You'll earn for Your efforts.


  • Show off your progress by displaying Outfit items earned exclusivly by unlocking achievements!