The Jumping Jacksons have found themselves an adventure on Halloween night. The Halloween Carnival has come to town and all is not what it seems when the Goblin Troupe puts their mysterious plan into action.  

Who are the Jumping Jacksons?

The Jumping Jacksons are masters of platforming who will jump, climb, slide their way to their goals.

Siblings Mark and Laura Jackson are quick to act and utilize their surroundings to overcome obstacles. 


Mark accelerates fast and falls faster the Laura, but has much tighter controls.

Mark is the older sibling, and he takes the leader role when they're out on an adventure.

Mark's favorite food is pizza.


Laura accelerates slower and falls slower than Mark. She tends to have less friction than her brother, causing her to slide. (Recommended for players who are adjusting to the pace of the game.)

Laura is a year younger than Mark, but she doesn't fall behind him.

Laura's favorite food is chicken nuggets.

Do you prefer the slow and steady approach of Laura? Or are you a fan of the quick nimbleness of Mark? Choose the Jackson that suits you best!

Use masks to turn yourself into a Halloween monster!

Frankenstein's Mask grants the strength to push crates.

Wolfman's Mask hastens your pace, break walls of bone, and dig through dirt.

Dracula's Mask enables you to turn into a bat that can float in the air longer than any other form.

Can you stop the Goblins and overcome all the puzzles and monsters you'll find in this strange land? I hope so, or else who knows if things will ever go back to normal.

Hoard as much candy as you can to get the best ending you can. Or you can spend some of your hard earned candy at the gift shop! You can even invest candy to give you a checkpoint! How will you manage your treats?